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‘Safe SUP Choices’ Video Series

Episode 6: Have a Partner and a Plan
Last week The Water Sports Foundation released the fifth of it’s six-part video series from the ‘Safe SUP Choices’ called “Don’t Paddle Impaired”

This week we are sending out the sixth video in the series called:
“Have a Partner and a Plan”

In this installment of ‘Safe SUP Choices’ they highlighted the importance of using the buddy system. The video emphasizes the value of paddling with a partner and having a plan.

We ask you to continue to share these videos on your social media and network channels to help bring awareness to Safe SUP Choices in our continuous efforts along with the Water Sports Foundation, TEN, SUP Magazine and the U.S. Coast Guard. Together we are committed to promote and support in educating paddlers everywhere and getting the message out.

Here is the link to Episode 6:
“Have a Partner and a Plan” –

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