Future of SUP the MAG and PPG Unclear

In early February, almost 50 people were let go when American Media acquired ASN/TEN

How that effects the Stand Up Paddling portions of that business remains unclear. While SUP the MAG’s print magazine had already been discontinued, it seems that online media, destination trips and Pacific Paddle Games future are still under discussion.

Closer to home and hearts, we were sad to learn that almost all of our SUP the MAG friends were let go in the transition including Will Taylor, Jack Haworth, and Aaron Schmidt.

Dave Shively remains under the new ownership, and has added ‘SUP the MAG’ responsibilities to his current Canoe & Kayak & Kayak Fishing publication duties.

Norb Garrett will continue the President of the Adventure Sports Network division of AMI’s Active Lifestyle group.

From Shop-Eat-Surf’s  interview with Norb Garrett:   “ASN’s challenges are no different than any other media company operating today.   However, we have remained focused on growing in new areas, including branded content solutions, experiential events, OTT channel development, and licensing, such as the expanding the Surfer the Bar franchise, to better diversify our business. (Editor’s note: OTT stands for “over-the-top,” the term used for the delivery of film and TV content via the internet.)”