Welcome our newest Members to SUPIA! Here is a highlight on each company that joined these past months and a spotlight on what they do in the SUP Industry! We are happy to have them a part of the association.


Hydrus Board Tech – located in Eagle, Idaho

Builders of the world’s most innovative, durable and downright fun SUP, Surf, Snow and Cross boards located in Eagle, Idaho, USA.

We set out in 2012 to become the most innovative board company in the world. We established our factory in Idaho, a state dotted with shimmering mountain lakes and the most whitewater rivers in the country. The handful of men and women who run this factory have a passion for all things that carve and glide through water and on land, which is why we’ve created the lightest, sturdiest and most innovative boards the world has ever seen. Our goal is to offer unparalleled boards while never losing sight of what makes Hydrus possible—you. We never want to grow so big that we outgrow our relationship with each person who chooses to ride our boards.  www.hydrusboardtech.com


Waterkids – located in Truckee, CA

Waterkids is the first company in the watersports industry to create an entire line of high end stand up paddle boards specifically designed for kids!…smaller paddlers & the entire family. We place emphasis on designing smaller board shapes and sizes that allow everyone in the family to experience the sport of SUP with REAL equipment. We at Waterkids have a true passion for watersports of all kinds, and our goal is to share that passion with friends and loved ones in creating life moments, learning new skills and opening doors you never imagined were possible.

Our approach to creating quality equipment leads to the maximum enjoyment of the sport and promotes rapid progress for learning how to stand up paddle board and discover the waterkid in you. Waterkids – Where the journey begins! www.waterkids.com


Hold Fast Grips – located in Kent, OH

HoldFast™ Grips are non-slip paddle grips that are the perfect accessory for Kayak, Canoe, Stand Up Paddle Board, and Dragon Boat paddles!

If you have ever participated in a water sport that involves gripping a paddle, you know it can hurt your hands at times, and even give you blisters. Some people wear gloves, which can be helpful, but gloves can feel restricting or uncomfortable. Another option is to buy tape to attach to the paddle but it can feel sticky and peels off easily (& let’s be real.. tape doesn’t look very good). Personally, when an adhesive product starts peeling off, I can’t help but to pick at it, until eventually, I’m left with a mess.

This problem is why we developed HoldFast Grips. They have an interlocking design to reduce the likelihood of peeling (which drives me crazy, as mentioned before), a strong and durable adhesive backing, and the material contains micro-fingers that merry to the texture of your skin. We made sure our product fixed all of the problems we found with tape and other gripping products. Proudly made in the USA! www.holdfastgrips.com

Kootenay Paddleboards – located in Calgary Canada *coming soon


Service Providers

Lazy Dog – located in Key West, FL

Lazy Dog started in 1998 as a kayak company and tee shirt company. The logo for the company was inspired by Camillo, the original Lazy Dog. In 2007 we purchased paddle boards for “fun” so we could play but they were also available to rent. Two years later we had the largest fleet of paddleboards on the island. As we continue to enjoy delivering fun and adventurous experiences on the water, our merchandise line has gone from a brand that we only used to see on our friends to a nationally known brand. All our designs are based on actual dogs (mostly the ones that come to work with us everyday) and are drawn by local artist.

Our company now offers kayak and paddle board tours and lessons as well as paddle board classes, clinics, lessons, PaddleFit and PaddleYoga.

In 2012 I wrote a book, Millionaire in Flip Flops, based on the shift from the corporate world to living the life I want. Its about giving up the desire to make millions and live the life I wanted, living where I want, doing something I’m passionate about and having great friends to share it all with. Where there’s no difference between work and play. This is the Lazy Dog Life. www.lazydog.com


Paddle Barbados – located in Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados

Paddle Barbados is the one-stop-shop for everything SUP in Barbados, offering the island’s best SUP lessons & tours, and the largest variety of rental equipment, including paddleboards, kayaks, snorkels, boogie boards and surfboards! Paddle Barbados is the premier SUP school in Barbados.

Our excellent team of trained and friendly instructors will have you up and paddling in no time. Our SUP lessons & tours welcome all levels and are the perfect excursion for an adventure on the sea!

Paddle Barbados has a large variety of paddle boards, ranging from beginner cruisers to intermediate and advanced SUP surf boards. SUP Rentals are available at our location or yours.

We are located on the Carlisle Bay Marine Park with the best snorkeling the island has to offer right on our doorstep. Rent a snorkel and kayak or paddle to the sunken shipwrecks and swim with the friendly sea turtles that inhabit the bay. It’s a full day’s adventure in Carlisle Bay! www.paddlebarbados.com


GOYA Fitness of Washington – located in Auburn, Washington Fitness & Yoga *coming soon



SUP Dock – located in Laguna Beach, CA

We are a supplier of Stand Up Paddle specialty products to make your paddling life easier! SUP Dock is a stand-up-paddle company creating specialty products to make paddling even more enjoyable. Check out the new SUP board carrier backpack! It’s the easiest way to get your board from car to water – and stay hydrated while you paddle. www.supdock.com



SUP 20/20 – located in Waxhaw, NC

SUP2020.com is a sister site of bike2020.com. The websites are owned and operated by outdoor industry veterans. Since the launch of bike2020.com in 2013 our core commitment has not changed. We are comitted to bringing the consumer great deals on outdoor products and to drive sales to the local retailer. We provide insider access to the best deals on new, closeout and overstock paddle boards, surfboards, kiteboards and related items near you.

Right now, there are thousands of SUP, Surfboards, Kiteboards & related accessories sitting there lonely in shops all over the country. They might be last year’s model, a bit dusty, or are just hiding in a corner out of sight. Now, with SUP2020.com you’ve got insider access to those items at incredible savings. The internet is a wonderful place to look at kittens, but there’s nothing quite like buying a board in person. Local shops are the absolute best at providing service, advice and continued support. Also they can be a great hangout and place to meet some new friendsFind your Board!

How it works: 1. Use the computing device of your choice to search SUP2020.com to find a SUP, Surfboard or accessories at a shop in your area that you like. 2. Call the shop to check availability, go there to get your board or accessory and tell them we sent you. 3. Hit the beach, lake or river, enjoy your new ride, impress your friends. www.sup2020.com