The second season of Fantasy Sup, the first online manager game of Stand Up Paddling is about to start.

Saturday, March 30th, Gran Canaria.​ The 2019 season of F​ antasy Sup​ begins with ​La Misteriosa Sup Race​. The online Stand Up Paddling game will follow 22 events and the calendar can be implemented during the season with the ISA World Championships (to be confirmed in South Africa) and ICF (to be confirmed in China). The Fantasy Sup game will end in December again from where it started with the ​APP Gran Canaria Pro AM​. This year, in addition to the classic ​Sup Race​ competitions, three ​Sup Surf​ events have been added: APP World Tour in New York, Barbados and Gran Canaria. But the novelties compared to 2018 season are many more.

Fantasy Sup​ was launched in 2018 with the mission to spread the Stand Up Paddling beauty with International Community giving a fun game that can be enjoyed by anyone everywhere. Even those who do not participate actively in the competitions can enjoy Fantasy Sup by playing and choosing their preferred athletes and challenging other users in the ​Fantasy Sup Leaderboard​. Player has just to select before each race their Team of 8 male and 6 female athletes from those available in the software. At the end of the competition each athlete receives a score based on the position he/she is classified. Of course the more athletes earn high scores during the season the higher their cost will be. For this reason it is necessary to make their own choices with ability to not pass over the budget assigned. The sum of the points earned by each athlete constitutes the total score of the Team. The more points each player accumulates during the individual races of the season the higher will be in the final ranking in December 2019.

The platform has been implemented compared to last season, with a web site restyling and above all i​ncreasing software quality​. Also the results and the lists of the athletes participating in each individual event will be more precise thanks to a greater​ collaboration with the races organizers​. In 2019 ​Fantasy Sup Agenda​ will touch all the major continents. In Europe there will be the ​Florence Paddle Games​ in Italy, ​London Sup Openin Great Britain, ​San Sebastian Paddle Tour​, ​Bilbao World Sup Challenge​, ​La Misteriosa Sup Race ​and​ Gran Canaria Pro Am​ in Spain, ​Nautic Paris Sup Crossing​ in France, 1​ 1 City Tour​ and ​Battle of the Coast​ in the Netherlands, ​Agios Nikolaos on Sup​ in Greece and ​Sup World Cup​ in Germany. In the United States, despite the cancellation of the Pacific Paddle Games, numerous races remain with ​Carolina Cup​, ​Sic Columbia Paddle Gorge​,


New York Sup Open ​and ​Red Bull Heavy Water​ in addition to the historic ​Molokai 2 Oahuin Hawaii. Australia is on the agenda with the classic ​King Of The Cut​ as well as Tahiti withAir France Paddle Festival​. Brazil and Japan are respectively stages of APP World Tour with​ Rio Sup Open​ and ​Osaka Sup Open​, as well as the Barbados Islands with theBarbados Pro Am​.

Inthe22eventsthereareseven​LongDistance,​ five​Combinedraces​(LongDistance+ Beach Race), four ​Downwind​, three​ Beach Race​ and three ​Surf Race​. On the ​Fantasy Sup​ ​Statistics​ the scores accumulated by each individual athlete in these disciplines are available on a Table with ​Athlete’s Skills Pentagon​. So Fantasy Sup provides players with a useful and up-to-date database to help them make their choices during each event of the season. Users will find on Fantasy Sup even all the ​News​ with tips, preview and results from each event.

On March 30, a new fun Stand Up Paddle season begins to be shared with the entire Fantasy Sup community. To play, all you need to do is register on ​​ ​and choose your Team of athletes you think will perform better for the next race.